The Illusion, the Shape and the Rhythm of Time in 6 Inspiring Quotes

The Power of Now — Eckhart Tolle

with these 6 Quotes & Books

What do you Really Want to do here on Earth?

Photo: © Toon Muylaert — Panama

Slow Travel​ Bookshelf

I have seen poverty-stricken villages, fields blackened by fire, and plundered towns where the rivers ran red and there were no men left alive above the age of ten. I have seen the worst and the best in humanity. Nothing surprises me anymore.
As I went through all these experiences, I began to compile a list that wasn’t written down in any book, only inscribed in my soul. This personal list I called The Basic Principles of the Itinerant Mystics…

With these 13 Inspirational Quotes

Fox Glacier, New Zealand © Toon Muylaert

Toon Muylaert

I go to inspiring places where I connect with the people, the culture & the natural environment #photography #soundtherapy #biomimicry

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